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 Wild About Inverness: Ness Islands Activity Book

Publication Date: March 7th, 2024

Price: £6.99

This is the second title in our Wild About Inverness series.

The Colourful Moo (£7.99)

The Colourful Moo Activity Book (£5.99)

Set on Oak Tree Farm, there are lots of animals to spot, animal sounds to recognise, types of weather to follow through the seasons and fun to be had with the rhyming text about Sue, the coo with no moo...


The Musician's Storyflower (£7.99)

A heart-warming journey through family, gardening and music as musician, Liza Mulholland, grows a Storyflower for someone special in her life.

Written in diary format with photos, illustrations by Marjory Tait and 5 pieces of music for beginners inspired by Liza's uplifting experience. This is an excellent resource for schools wishing to participate in The Storyflower Project

Wee MacNessie and the Tartan Spots 



Check out our Wee MacNessie series including a selection of bilingual options.

The Loch Ness Monster is one of the most famous creatures in the world.

Join Wee MacNessie, our version of this famous monster,

and his friends, Dolly the Dragonfly, Suzie the Salmon and Fergus the Frog.

Price: £6.99 each